Okanjo is a tech startup focused on contextual product and content placements, shoppable ads, and content discovery.

Shoppable Ad Design System

Okanjo’s shoppable ad and product match widgets are fully customizable, and work best when tailored to the look and feel of the host website. While several publishers enjoyed the ability to manually customize, many also wanted a solution that worked and looked great out of the box. I designed and developed an adaptive ad layout and customization system that fits many standard ad unit sizes, and can handle a wide range of product types. Publishers can also choose from several color schemes, typography, or call-to-action styles with a few simple configuration parameters instead of using CSS based customization.

Product Match Example Product Match Shoppable Product Match Design System

Product Network Management Site

Okanjo aggregates product feeds, stores and adds metadata for tens of thousands of products in order to generate the best possible product matching to content.

I designed and developed a new product network management tool used to augment and improve product metadata and analyze product performance. Third party publishers will also use this site to customize and manage their own product match implementations. The site streamlines several processes that were previously done manually or required direct database manipulation.

Management Site Flow Management Site Example Page Management Site Example Page

At the start of the project I created a UI guide, directly integrated into the project codebase. This gave the front-end team a palette of standard UI components to use, with both visual and code examples, and descriptions and best practices for their use. Since it was integrated into the core templates and styles of the management site, it immediately reflected any changes to styling, and naturally expanded as we added new components and features.

Management Site UI Guide